Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 16/38

An uttering shag week of exercises. Funny how I survived.

Day 1
Exercise Wolf starts. Loads of pre-AOP planning (refer to previous blog post on what is AOP) and now we are finally putting it into action. Had ridgeline fighting lesson and training, as usual easy to understand, hard to coordinate and execute. Platoon battle course came next, what can I say, it's tough and tiring. Dinner, more planning and sleep before Ex Wolf 1.

Day 2
Ex Wolf attack phase 1. I was the runner, aka the sad person that runs around in FBO mode WITH SIGNAL SET. So in essence, I was lugging at least 25kg around running, keyword is 'running'. Nothing much la, just damn shagged out after that and my shin pain does not help D:

Day 3
Ex Wolf attack phase 2. Luckily I am not anything important so just doing what my section commander wants and fight. Can't really describe much about the firefight. But in general, our platoon is definitely rusty after not doing platoon/ section fighting for quite sometime.

Day 4
Rest day, or whatever you call it when we have nothing strenuous planned. Got swimming holy that's like a rarity in OCS. Oh yea, then shit happened - 9km Endurance Run... wow, my shin pain really hampering my results... but at least I completed it :)

Day 5 & 6
Navigation exercise. EDIT: They are Exercise Hunter and Seeker, out which Seeker is the one without instructors following your detail. With FBO, soft plates hard plates and 2 1.5L bottles. Haha, killer man but great realistic training nonetheless. Guess it's really true that you never know where your limit is till you break it.

Going off to Langkawi wheee~ bye guys (and gals)

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