Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 15/38

First week of my appointment as a Cadet Platoon Commander.

Day 1
Pre Exercise Wolf lessons and instructions. Lots of administrative duties to finish UGHH running up and down 3 floors is no joke... Then rest of the day was dedicated to Approval of Plan (AOP) planning, which is was tedious.

Day 2
Went to Pasir Laba camp, more specifically the Infantry Gunner Training System (IGTS) school. The lecture was damn dry, I don't understand how the lecturer can make such an interesting brief into a droning monologue. Guess the older you are, the more windy and monotonous you become. Kudos to me for surviving the lecture without sleeping YAY. But during the IGTS, I kinda dozed off for a moment and FML Murphy's law activated. Got caught by LTA Lewis at the wrong place wrong time. GG, immediately after dinner, hell rained loose. Fell in, ran up take field pack, run down ground floor everything out, run up take IBA camo on, camo off fold smart 4, camo on, pushups, crunches, camo off, pushups, camo on, pushups crunches, camo off, arms outstretched hold for 10 mins. Wow, can't believe I survived that; I swear I'll never fall asleep again. Oh, and not to mention Platoon 3 got fucked by LTA Wei Jie too.

Day 3
Went (back again woohoo!) to Signal Institute to learn about the PRC 940A, which is a lighter signal set with GPS configuration and 100000 buttons. Feels so happy to be here learning AHAHA such is the truth of my OCS life; every other visit to camps just feels less demoralizing. Saw a class and CCA senior ( LTA C Y Goh!) at the cookhouse :) happy to see a familiar face. OH, and I saw my "upperstudy" from Aeromedical Centre, I kinda rather missed the life there with the medics and doctors.

Day 4
Held turnout for all the newly received wings. I was in charge to turning out female cadets from Delta. Wahh sad sia, only get to shout from the stairway because 男女纷纷不轻!Hopefully I was not too condescending towards them during the turnout... Had platoon sharing, dished out many grievances and I really learnt more about my commanding. Heartfelt tips for improvement and I really appreciate them. If anyone from Platoon 3 reads this, I am already changing to better my leadership style. Officially got my IPPT gold ^^

Tomorrow is labour day, gonna surprise my mum with a dinner and my fancy formal attire :) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY IN ADVANCE!!

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