Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 14/38

A short but fulfilling week.

Day 1
Had self-directed lessons (SDL) for almost half of the day. The other half spent preparing for Exercise Hearts which is primarily to introduce ourselves to junior cadets and share with them our amazing experiences we had during service term! Was appointed Platoon IC of Delta Platoon 2; my job was to orientate them around the stations and answer any questions if need be.

Day 2 - 3
Service term debrief and peer appraisal. Honestly a lepak day because 24km route march later D: and instructors want to let us rest sufficiently for it. 24km was so tiring, singing cheering talking et cetera to burn the time away while walking. Finally managed to finish the distance towards parade square where we earned our professional term bar and me my professional term Cadet Platoon Commander (CPC) bar. First day on the job and I am tasked to tidy up the out processing for artillery people and in processing of Tango cadets. Wow, tiring running up and down. Plus the fact that Singtel data connection was down, thus reducing my means of communication down to the "primitive" level which is SMS ahaha!!

Fruitful week I must say.
- To lead, to excel, to overcome!

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