Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 13/38

Crasy ass long week!! Finally pulled through and am writing this blog post now after a full day of rest.

Day 1 & 2
Exercise Coyote. Basically urban operations for the general public to understand. Everything about it was fun, from room scanning to door tackling to window breaching. Wow, if you coordinated the section well, it would really look like a scene from some movie LOL!! That was how cool the actions were woven together. Here comes the uncool part ahaha - we were carrying SBO3 aka Integrated Body Armour with soft plates and hard plates to protect us from getting injured although I feel purely wearing it adds injury to my muscles already... Add a matador which I have kinda been complaining about most of the time and somehow still lugging it around POOF the weight of what I am carrying becomes at least 25kg... doing the drills doesn't seem so fun afterall.

Day 3
Urban ops live firing at MMRC (sorry hunks and babes I forgot what that represents :P). The usual drills, just with heightened sense of awareness and safety precautions enforced rigorously. Probably the only perks of this was we got to buy ice cream and drinks from the canteen there YAY :)

Day 4
16km route march, the highlight of the day or rather the night to be exact. Volunteered to be the rear troop marching along with Warrant Philip. So glad I did; I enjoyed listening to his experiences, his thoughts, his family and himself. 2 men sharing heartfelt thoughts to each other, what more can I ask for!

Day 5
Rest day. Honestly, had it not been a rest day considering the hiongness of this week, I would have rage-killed someone. Had a canteen break after dinner, can't say I was happy about it, neither was I sad. Disappointed would be apt in describing my feeling; was hoping for a nights out instead but oh well, time and space.

Day 6
8km fast march in the morning was surprisingly normal. The final brief for ushers was NOT normal... damn it sia, got seated just an aisle away from the instructors (KG DOG) don't worry if you do not understand this hehe OSW (Operational Staff Work) being practised here. Need to keep doing funny things to myself to not sleep/ get myself killed. After lunch, Warrant Philip came up to our common area to give us massages to relieve our sore muscles from uhhh everything LOL. Warrant Philip, our godfather~

96/14 commissioning parade ushering started at 1600. This deserves a paragraph break hence yea. As the newly minted officers walked past us, with some saluting us back appreciatively and some just not giving a fuck, I guess it really says alot of these officers. But whether they deeerve it or not, they commissioned already and the RANK needs to be upholded. I vow never to be that kind of officer. People will not salute me because of my rank but because of the way I uphold myself.

To lead. To excel. To overcome.

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