Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 12/38

I guess this week is post scorpion king admin week. Full of tests and studying...

Day 1
Booked in mid-day because off-in-lieu got halved due to defaulter's parade. Horrible feeling knowing you fucked up so bad and off-in-lieu got cut short as a result of that. Oh well, collective tekan as wing ain't that bad. Rest of the day was spent cleaning up my field pack and its contents. Great night's rest knowing I finished everything I set out to do.

Day 2
Full day of running around cleaning studying and drawing my no. 1. Not sure why but I feel so drawn out today, the cascade of "must-complete-before-bookout" lists is wayy too much oh gawd... Had to go for an uniform inspection for my no. 2 by sergeant major, nearly wet my pants - LEFT MY NO. 2 AT HOME HOLY FUCK... surprisingly, sergeant major just asked me when can I get it by and did not screw me. Wow, thank heavens phew

Day 3
New IPPT in the morning. Felt really confident until I started my 2.4km. First time running 2.4km on the track. Thought I ran fast but was actually quite slow. 9min 46secs holy, if this was the old IPPT, I'll be dead. Haha, but 90 points XD. Commando gold baby~ Vaccination for Exercise Lancer was painfully numb, couldn't raise my arm for awhile still had to march around pfft army Urban operations lesson in the afternoon, then safety officer qualifications test. Shitloads of failures but I guess I did well?

Day 4
Intel lesson by wing commander! Everyone was so groggy that at least 40% of us slept during his lesson must be the IPPT ahahaha nothing much for the rest of the day - the most exciting thing was perhaps 8km endurance run. This run was a killer sia, no idea why but it was fun pacing my wing sergeant major! Granddad, more than double my age and runs as fast as me when I'm panting like a dog. Really motivational! Bad shin pain after the run but 37mins... worth it~

Day 5
Final touch-up of social night performances and area set-up.
Social night!

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