Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 11/38

Can't really break down the event chains of this week because we had Exercise Scorpion King. 4 days of mental challenge to stay awake while being physically exhausted. AND THE WEATHER DID NOT HELP. FREAKING DOWNPOUR DURING DIGGING FML GG FEET.

Day 1
First half of the day spent clearing admin stuff for the exercise and thus we embarked on an adventure. Saw the trenches dug by the instructors, fuck. Can't imagine how am I gonna match that standard D: Subsequently did platoon training for the first time HOLY SHIT, IT'S DAMN TOUGH BLOODY 45 DEGREES UPHILL FIGHT (actually not very sure of the steepness but I don't have a protractor...) Was cool though, in a shag kind of way.

Day 2
Woke up at bloody 4am to prepare for an early attack mission led by CPT Dom. Basically sleepwalking for 2 hours plus every prone position was a fine moment to sleep Just when we were about to start the fight, I got stung by a scorpion. Yes, you read that right.
Oooo the irony. Ended up just following around as an observer for the platoon attack while my sore spot burned and throbbed madly. Went to see the medic, waited an hour or so to check for allergic reactions, cleared to continue the exercise phew.

Day 3
Started our digging. I was section commander for this defense mission so I was basically running up and down the bloody hill passing commands to my section. Dig run blah blah dig doze off for awhile wake up dig run dig. Freaking tired. Got fucked by instructors in the wee hours of the morning because we did not put in effort to stay awake and finish our mission objective. Pushups, rifle overhead, crunches, jumping jacks with rifle et cetera. Definitely dead tired.

Day 4
Went for another attack mission, the adrenaline rush felt great as I chiongsua-ed uphill with a bloody matador zzz 15kg+ on me while dashing dashing haha, fits the description for me Rained again zzz, after we had a change of uniform, but couldn't really give a damn anymore because the past few days of downpour did its job already - wrinkly feet that clump together to stab you with pain every step you take... finally went back to wingline and cleaned weapon. The maintenance of weapon was so bad we did not get to book out that night but oh well, at least I got to clean up every muddy shit of mine. Slept at 3.30am hahah!

Day 5
Booked out. 'nuff said.

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