Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 15/38

First week of my appointment as a Cadet Platoon Commander.

Day 1
Pre Exercise Wolf lessons and instructions. Lots of administrative duties to finish UGHH running up and down 3 floors is no joke... Then rest of the day was dedicated to Approval of Plan (AOP) planning, which is was tedious.

Day 2
Went to Pasir Laba camp, more specifically the Infantry Gunner Training System (IGTS) school. The lecture was damn dry, I don't understand how the lecturer can make such an interesting brief into a droning monologue. Guess the older you are, the more windy and monotonous you become. Kudos to me for surviving the lecture without sleeping YAY. But during the IGTS, I kinda dozed off for a moment and FML Murphy's law activated. Got caught by LTA Lewis at the wrong place wrong time. GG, immediately after dinner, hell rained loose. Fell in, ran up take field pack, run down ground floor everything out, run up take IBA camo on, camo off fold smart 4, camo on, pushups, crunches, camo off, pushups, camo on, pushups crunches, camo off, arms outstretched hold for 10 mins. Wow, can't believe I survived that; I swear I'll never fall asleep again. Oh, and not to mention Platoon 3 got fucked by LTA Wei Jie too.

Day 3
Went (back again woohoo!) to Signal Institute to learn about the PRC 940A, which is a lighter signal set with GPS configuration and 100000 buttons. Feels so happy to be here learning AHAHA such is the truth of my OCS life; every other visit to camps just feels less demoralizing. Saw a class and CCA senior ( LTA C Y Goh!) at the cookhouse :) happy to see a familiar face. OH, and I saw my "upperstudy" from Aeromedical Centre, I kinda rather missed the life there with the medics and doctors.

Day 4
Held turnout for all the newly received wings. I was in charge to turning out female cadets from Delta. Wahh sad sia, only get to shout from the stairway because 男女纷纷不轻!Hopefully I was not too condescending towards them during the turnout... Had platoon sharing, dished out many grievances and I really learnt more about my commanding. Heartfelt tips for improvement and I really appreciate them. If anyone from Platoon 3 reads this, I am already changing to better my leadership style. Officially got my IPPT gold ^^

Tomorrow is labour day, gonna surprise my mum with a dinner and my fancy formal attire :) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY IN ADVANCE!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 14/38

A short but fulfilling week.

Day 1
Had self-directed lessons (SDL) for almost half of the day. The other half spent preparing for Exercise Hearts which is primarily to introduce ourselves to junior cadets and share with them our amazing experiences we had during service term! Was appointed Platoon IC of Delta Platoon 2; my job was to orientate them around the stations and answer any questions if need be.

Day 2 - 3
Service term debrief and peer appraisal. Honestly a lepak day because 24km route march later D: and instructors want to let us rest sufficiently for it. 24km was so tiring, singing cheering talking et cetera to burn the time away while walking. Finally managed to finish the distance towards parade square where we earned our professional term bar and me my professional term Cadet Platoon Commander (CPC) bar. First day on the job and I am tasked to tidy up the out processing for artillery people and in processing of Tango cadets. Wow, tiring running up and down. Plus the fact that Singtel data connection was down, thus reducing my means of communication down to the "primitive" level which is SMS ahaha!!

Fruitful week I must say.
- To lead, to excel, to overcome!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 13/38

Crasy ass long week!! Finally pulled through and am writing this blog post now after a full day of rest.

Day 1 & 2
Exercise Coyote. Basically urban operations for the general public to understand. Everything about it was fun, from room scanning to door tackling to window breaching. Wow, if you coordinated the section well, it would really look like a scene from some movie LOL!! That was how cool the actions were woven together. Here comes the uncool part ahaha - we were carrying SBO3 aka Integrated Body Armour with soft plates and hard plates to protect us from getting injured although I feel purely wearing it adds injury to my muscles already... Add a matador which I have kinda been complaining about most of the time and somehow still lugging it around POOF the weight of what I am carrying becomes at least 25kg... doing the drills doesn't seem so fun afterall.

Day 3
Urban ops live firing at MMRC (sorry hunks and babes I forgot what that represents :P). The usual drills, just with heightened sense of awareness and safety precautions enforced rigorously. Probably the only perks of this was we got to buy ice cream and drinks from the canteen there YAY :)

Day 4
16km route march, the highlight of the day or rather the night to be exact. Volunteered to be the rear troop marching along with Warrant Philip. So glad I did; I enjoyed listening to his experiences, his thoughts, his family and himself. 2 men sharing heartfelt thoughts to each other, what more can I ask for!

Day 5
Rest day. Honestly, had it not been a rest day considering the hiongness of this week, I would have rage-killed someone. Had a canteen break after dinner, can't say I was happy about it, neither was I sad. Disappointed would be apt in describing my feeling; was hoping for a nights out instead but oh well, time and space.

Day 6
8km fast march in the morning was surprisingly normal. The final brief for ushers was NOT normal... damn it sia, got seated just an aisle away from the instructors (KG DOG) don't worry if you do not understand this hehe OSW (Operational Staff Work) being practised here. Need to keep doing funny things to myself to not sleep/ get myself killed. After lunch, Warrant Philip came up to our common area to give us massages to relieve our sore muscles from uhhh everything LOL. Warrant Philip, our godfather~

96/14 commissioning parade ushering started at 1600. This deserves a paragraph break hence yea. As the newly minted officers walked past us, with some saluting us back appreciatively and some just not giving a fuck, I guess it really says alot of these officers. But whether they deeerve it or not, they commissioned already and the RANK needs to be upholded. I vow never to be that kind of officer. People will not salute me because of my rank but because of the way I uphold myself.

To lead. To excel. To overcome.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 12/38

I guess this week is post scorpion king admin week. Full of tests and studying...

Day 1
Booked in mid-day because off-in-lieu got halved due to defaulter's parade. Horrible feeling knowing you fucked up so bad and off-in-lieu got cut short as a result of that. Oh well, collective tekan as wing ain't that bad. Rest of the day was spent cleaning up my field pack and its contents. Great night's rest knowing I finished everything I set out to do.

Day 2
Full day of running around cleaning studying and drawing my no. 1. Not sure why but I feel so drawn out today, the cascade of "must-complete-before-bookout" lists is wayy too much oh gawd... Had to go for an uniform inspection for my no. 2 by sergeant major, nearly wet my pants - LEFT MY NO. 2 AT HOME HOLY FUCK... surprisingly, sergeant major just asked me when can I get it by and did not screw me. Wow, thank heavens phew

Day 3
New IPPT in the morning. Felt really confident until I started my 2.4km. First time running 2.4km on the track. Thought I ran fast but was actually quite slow. 9min 46secs holy, if this was the old IPPT, I'll be dead. Haha, but 90 points XD. Commando gold baby~ Vaccination for Exercise Lancer was painfully numb, couldn't raise my arm for awhile still had to march around pfft army Urban operations lesson in the afternoon, then safety officer qualifications test. Shitloads of failures but I guess I did well?

Day 4
Intel lesson by wing commander! Everyone was so groggy that at least 40% of us slept during his lesson must be the IPPT ahahaha nothing much for the rest of the day - the most exciting thing was perhaps 8km endurance run. This run was a killer sia, no idea why but it was fun pacing my wing sergeant major! Granddad, more than double my age and runs as fast as me when I'm panting like a dog. Really motivational! Bad shin pain after the run but 37mins... worth it~

Day 5
Final touch-up of social night performances and area set-up.
Social night!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 11/38

Can't really break down the event chains of this week because we had Exercise Scorpion King. 4 days of mental challenge to stay awake while being physically exhausted. AND THE WEATHER DID NOT HELP. FREAKING DOWNPOUR DURING DIGGING FML GG FEET.

Day 1
First half of the day spent clearing admin stuff for the exercise and thus we embarked on an adventure. Saw the trenches dug by the instructors, fuck. Can't imagine how am I gonna match that standard D: Subsequently did platoon training for the first time HOLY SHIT, IT'S DAMN TOUGH BLOODY 45 DEGREES UPHILL FIGHT (actually not very sure of the steepness but I don't have a protractor...) Was cool though, in a shag kind of way.

Day 2
Woke up at bloody 4am to prepare for an early attack mission led by CPT Dom. Basically sleepwalking for 2 hours plus every prone position was a fine moment to sleep Just when we were about to start the fight, I got stung by a scorpion. Yes, you read that right.
Oooo the irony. Ended up just following around as an observer for the platoon attack while my sore spot burned and throbbed madly. Went to see the medic, waited an hour or so to check for allergic reactions, cleared to continue the exercise phew.

Day 3
Started our digging. I was section commander for this defense mission so I was basically running up and down the bloody hill passing commands to my section. Dig run blah blah dig doze off for awhile wake up dig run dig. Freaking tired. Got fucked by instructors in the wee hours of the morning because we did not put in effort to stay awake and finish our mission objective. Pushups, rifle overhead, crunches, jumping jacks with rifle et cetera. Definitely dead tired.

Day 4
Went for another attack mission, the adrenaline rush felt great as I chiongsua-ed uphill with a bloody matador zzz 15kg+ on me while dashing dashing haha, fits the description for me Rained again zzz, after we had a change of uniform, but couldn't really give a damn anymore because the past few days of downpour did its job already - wrinkly feet that clump together to stab you with pain every step you take... finally went back to wingline and cleaned weapon. The maintenance of weapon was so bad we did not get to book out that night but oh well, at least I got to clean up every muddy shit of mine. Slept at 3.30am hahah!

Day 5
Booked out. 'nuff said.