Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 7/38

Tired as hell so I'm gonna cut this short and sweet.

Day 1
Nothing really exciting hmm. Or maybe I forgot LOL.

Day 2
Exercise Cocoon grass drills. Section battle formations and fire movements et cetera disclosing anymore I might risk getting charged Shag cuz I carried the matador the whole day so that's roughly 5kg of water on me plus 3.82kg of SAR21 PLUS 9kg of matador... as expected, I slept damn well.

Day 3
Navigation exercise. Kay, this time there is a signal kit which is freaking heavy (god knows how heavy it is but definitely heavier than the matador) Rotated signal kit and matador lugging about the section. Navigating was fun but navigating WITH SIGNAL KIT OMG WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF HELL!

Day 4
Exercise Cocoon - basically just putting us to the test of what we have learnt in Tuesday. Communications and advancement of section towards enemy were problematic, people got hyped up and angry. Let's just say we aren't in the best of mood... I hope to never see that in Exercise Centipede next week *crosses finger*

Day 5
Last day before bookout woohoo. Started with 6km run which was great. Defaulters' parade then appeared which was drills in double time aka speedo deedo timing... everyone died for that HAHAHA rest of the days was spent recovering from post exercise tiredness D:

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