Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week 6/38

Day 1
Think it was a chill day with M203 technical handling and test, followed by encik's force prep tips. Nothing much really, apart from me having a really bad sore throat and cough.

Day 2
I LOST MY VOICE HOLY!?!?! But anyway, it was a day out at Signal Institute, learnt a lot of cool stuff. Food was kinda bad there, SAFTI is wayy better :) I miss my uncle aunties preparing my food already!

Day 3
Voice not getting any better... and now the instructors are laughing at me now LOL. My fellow sectionmates said they starting to miss my voice woww, okay that sounded gay. Thanks guys, I appreciate your love~

Day 4
M203 and Matador live firing! Pew boom boom! Everything is damn fun la honestly, although the officers are like "Oh, so you are the one that lost his voice. Okay try your best to whisper out loud" What an irony... whispering loud... Was supposed to have a 6km tactical route march back to wingline but it rained. The funny thing was me, James and my buddy volunteered to load up the vehicle then we somehow ended up driven back to wingline with the equipments. Aka we avoided the route march back HAHAHA (and we do not have to redo shiok ah!)

Day 5
Cadet Duty Officer (CDO). Which means I have zero admin time and no bathing till the next day zzz it sucks. OH YEA, AND I CAN'T BOOK OUT TONIGHT FML

P.S. I think my motivation to blog reduced significantly as the physical intensity increased... what a depressing thought soz guys and gals

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