Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 5/38

Day 1
Demolition live firing. Selected to set off a door charge boom boom! I was practically grinning from ear to ear throughout the preparation of charge all the way to detonating it. :D although studying for it was a pain in the ass. M203 studying again, can't say I studied cuz I speed read it once and went to sleep LOL. If I really get top score and get to fire the live one, I really too good...

Day 2
SAR21 and Section Assault Weapon (SAW) <-- did I introduced this abbreviation before? Oh well, whatever. Cool ass Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC)!! Kenna shocked when the instructors inside the complex told me to stop taking photos cuz there were no permissions given from their side and my sirs have zero power inside a.k.a I have no protection from getting charged. YES YOU READ IT, I SOMEHOW GOT NOMINATED TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE WING what a 9 months RAI LOL... Luckily, nothing happened la because I had my lucky red underwear on

Day 3
IPPT test again. WOW MY RUNNING REALLY NO JOKE, ENCIK PHILIP'S PT REALLY HELPS. I ran a 9min something, less than 9:15 will edit soon when I know the results but HOLY I CAN RUN COMMANDO TIMING :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) okay then bookout ahaha, happy as hell~~ ta da guys and gals! enjoy CNY!!

EDIT: I RAN 9:10 wooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo~~

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