Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 3/38

Day 1
Did not count the Sunday book in but meh. Post confession day, I swear I'm such a coward at times...
First day of Service Term and it rained. WHAT THE F***.
WHEN I ONLY BROUGHT 1 SET OF NO. 4 ZZZ thinking positive *fingers crossed*
Haha, whatever at least you are with me?

Day 2
Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) trial. Been awhile since I tried the SOC - 9 months plus D: Luckily I got the hang of stuff fast. Then came leadership challenge - Tetra model and complements et cetera, tent pitching and paintball. Honestly, I dun really like painball (pun intended) or any other violent games for that matter so yep, apprenhensive.

Day 3
BORING DAY 1. Area cleaning, lessons on section training and satellite imagery. Nothing much.

Day 4
BORING DAY 2, just more mentally torturous. Studied Section Automatic Weapon (SAW) and half of demolition and charges. EDIT: forgot almost everything on the latter FML. SAW test was easy, but woah MP raid tonight HOLY. I'm clean so nope not worrying.

Day 5
SAW practical basically taking up the whole day. Realised I am quite noob at it but whatever, everyone has their weaknesses and I guess it would call that mine. Brb, pulling up my socks.

PS. Came across this article while I was bored and went to read the newspaper LOL
"Why is this? Why must we always be stimulating and entertaining ourselves?
Why is it that we cannot just sit quietly with out thoughts - even for a short time.. ...
[Because] We crave stimulation, he [Blaise Pascal, philosopher] said, to distract ourselves from our inner emptiness and despair."

There is more interesting stuff but in essence, yup that's kinda what it says.
- Excerpt from
Filling the void
Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, 5 Feb 2015

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