Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 2/38

Day 1
Gym orientation. Nothing much that I did not know, a bit boring. Had military law and TSR test, hope that I passed D: EDIT: I passed LOL! FBO route march was shockingly painful, since I have never carried my field pack for about 9 months... but I did it anyway muahaha Mind > body! Sadly my buddy is mentally weaker so I have to get him stronger.

Day 2
Only weights training was physically draining: should not have took the 4kg dumbell HAHA. Today was kinda depressing since she was depressed about thinking about her past relationship... Haiz.

Day 3
3km cadence run. Chemical defence theory and practical -> stuffy and cool. Honestly, the theory sucked... Side note, S19 gas mask looks damn cool but I was stuck with one size smaller throughout the shit, wow the pain. Possible turnout for today? *Fingers crossed*

Day 4
Chemical defence finally. As usual, complaining about my small ill-fitting gas mask, suffocating abit... The tear gas pallet really worked OMG. Kay, rest of the day was just area cleaning meh

Day 5
Did sports while developing character values. Well thought-out activity; made me reflect alot, guess the instructor who took us was influential. Turnout and Initiation course. Two white bars :)

Day 6
Bookout. 'Nuff said.

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