Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 1/38

Hi all this shall be my countdown timer to weeks before commission so bear with the NS stuff.

OCT Isaac Lim from Delta Wing reporting weekly bites.

Day 1
Had orientation run by the Alpha wing seniors. Fun and engaging; I learnt more about the history and interesting bits of OCS (architecture and design wow well planned). I miss my bed HAHAHA.

Day 2
5M Confidence jump, wow that was damn OMG everyone should try it once in a lifetime at least, if not more. Fuelled my motivation to try bungee jumping more hehe!! Went for career talk, talked to this LTC from army side who studied psychology overseas and gave me great advice on pursuing this degree. Statistical psychology seemed the best way to go hmmm

Day 3
4km endurance run, nothing much just the fact that I got first :D Got to talk to Ulric who was in Charlie wing - we both agreed that the current OCC batch is lacking in standards...

Day 4
First force prep. Felt like a lousy Taurus standard one but oh yea, we are upping our game in Delta. That being said, today was a fun filled laughter day.'

Day 5
Did PT but for me, I guess it was not really tiring. Maybe I'm stronger than the rest or maybe this BMT batch was weaker idk oh wells... The shitloads of lectures was my bane tho AHAHAHA. You can't kill me with PT but you can with lectures :P

Day 6
IPPT - 60 situps, 23 pullups, 9:32 2.4km, easily a Gold but haha SBJ fml ... hopefully no RT for me D: still have to go out in the weekends and enjoy my bookout :( PT getting more painful, but what is pain when you know you will emerge stronger than before?

Day 7
Easily the most relaxed day of the week. Marched back to COY line, had breakfast then didi route march. We had reflections among our section so I get to learn more about myself.
I am apparently:
- Positively outgoing
- Friendly and helpful
- Strong physically and mentally
But arrogant and tactless at times. Well, being an officer means to accept criticisms and improve upon it so I shall then :) Perhaps I is because I feel superior to the guys in Delta (which is kinda true uhhhh) but for guys, I think the only way for me to treat you as my equal is to be as good as me on something AHH SHIT GUYS SORRY YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THAT WAY~

200+ pushups, loads of running and tanking for the section = a stronger me

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